Self-motivated student, programmer, teacher, and leader.


  • Qualified for the New York State Math League, achieving several perfect scores on weekly math tournaments
  • Received AP Chemistry Student of the Quarter award
  • Tested into 10th grade Geo-Trig in 9th grade
  • Received Global History 9 Student of the Quarter award
  • Awarded National Junior Honor Society certificate
  • Placed second in the county on the American Mathematics Competition
  • Achieved first place for Rye Middle School in the Mathcounts speed round
  • Achieved a gold medal on the National Latin Exam
  • Received Introduction to Latin Student of the Quarter award

Academic Experience

  • Developed The Predictability Test, a machine learning project to compare human creativity under different circumstances
  • Developed TabSpace, an easy to use, robust tab manager for Chrome that displays your tabs in a simple view, and allows you to organize and save them
  • Developed various projects on GitHub (Latin Grammar Analysis Tool, Java Report Generator, D&D Dice Roller, Material Design Blogger Theme, Double Pendulum Physics Simulation, etc)
  • As a paid web developer for the Rye Chamber Of Commerce, created a responsive website with interactive google maps integration
  • As a paid web developer for a local landscaping business, created a responsive website using material design
  • Team Lead for Lighter Than Air Drone engineering project for Summer Stem Makerspace program at Cooper Union
  • Led weekly meetings after school for the Math Club, teaching and developing curriculum for everything from geometry puzzles to Taylor series
  • Led weekly meetings after school for the Programming Club, developing and teaching 10 week Python crash course and helping students with independent programming projects
  • Worked as an independent math tutor for an 8th grade student, writing customized algebra curriculum
  • Started and led team of 8th grade political journalists

Service Experience

  • Volunteered as CIT at the YMCA Summer Camp
  • Volunteered as CIT and math teacher at the Ward Summer Camp
  • Volunteered as after school tutor in 6th grade

Athletic Experience

  • Black belt with 12 years martial arts experience
  • Varsity Wrestling in high school
  • Varsity Cross Country in high school
  • Modified and intramural soccer in middle school

Programming Skills

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • NumPy
  • Keras
  • Debian
  • Material Design