Category: Coding

Published TabSpace Version 8.0

Here’s whats new in version 8.0: Brought back bookmarks for saved tabs as an optional setting Replaced in-site notifications with a non-intrusive status bar Desktop reminders are more accurate and customizable Clicking on a tab or window in TabSpace now selects it Fixed drag and drop bugs from clicking in the margins The settings page…

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Predictability Test Introduction

For my Science Research class, I started working on the Predictability Test, which aims to measure human creativity through the lens of unpredictability. In this project, participants will be asked to pick from a list of random numbers, words, or other media, and an AI will be trained to predict their choice based on past…

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Published TabSpace Version 7.2

Here’s whats new in version 7.2: Fixed issue where moving or copying tabs from separate locations would cause the tabs to be moved to separate destinations Drag and drop will now move all selected tabs, in addition to the tab being dragged The new window button is now a drag and drop destination Save and…

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