Monday, we continued to experiment with the vertical propeller and found that the center was unsupported causing the motor to spin around an unstable axis and erode the frame further. We reprinted the propeller case with a wider, thicker base which should fix this issue. We also inflated our first balloon with air to experiment with how the Velcro straps could connect to a plastic piece.

At lunch, I went to the Applying To The Cooper Union School Of Engineering club. The whole thing was very informative talking about everything from the available majors and minors to the purpose of the personal statement. In the afternoon, I tried to set up Bluetooth communication with the Arduino. After soldering a shield to fit the Arduino, I realized that there was an easier chip to use, which I started experimenting with.

Tuesday, we found that wires had ripped from the brushless motor, and had to spend over an hour soldering cables together from the damage that was done to the chip. We also began reprinting four propellers to use in the final model. After lunch, I began creating a website to remotely control the Arduino via Bluetooth. Originally, I planned to create an app, but I decided it would be easier to make a PWA with the Chrome navigator.bluetooth API.

Wednesday, we found that our new propellers had too large drill holes because we did not account for the improved accuracy of the 3d printer we were using for the final version of the propellers. We ended up redesigning and reprinting the propellers, propeller cases, and electronic casing. After lunch, I finished programming the Bluetooth section. My server is hosting a Bluetooth controller webpage, which allows my phone or laptop to communicate with the SH-M08 Bluetooth chip in 20 byte packets.

Thursday, we found that the propeller and main body casings were printed using PETG instead of PLA, which caused a lot of structural problems. We began reprinting these again, and purchased additional brushless motors because the one we have been practicing with seems a little damaged. After lunch, we presented to the Computer Science For Good class, which went very well. Overall, our presentation was very organized, and we got to learn about the projects the Computer Science for Good class was pursuing.