Monday, we continued working on independent CAD modeling, where I continued modeling a multi-story building. It took me awhile to figure out the shell command, but I eventually got it. We quickly moved on to circuitry, where I learned about resistors and Ohm’s law.

During lunch, I went to Meet The Motorsports Team. The talk wasn’t very hands on, but it still had interesting components about the way that they divided the problem up into sub-components. Then, I pitched my project ideas to the class: a Lighter Than Air Drone and Affordable WiFi Extender. The Lighter Than Air Drone concept involves combining an aerodynamic balloon with drone technology to create a faster, more energy efficient product. The Affordable WiFi Extender involves creating a mid-range option between one-house WiFi router and a cell tower that could more effectively provide internet to a street block or a small town.

Tuesday, we began working with breadboards and Arduinos to create our own circuits and logic gates. As a programmer, this was very surreal because of how simple it was to learn the basis of what I have been using. During lunch, I went to Computer Science And Ethics, where they talked about the basic ethical implications of mass surveillance. After lunch I re-presented the LTA drone on its own because the Affordable WiFi Extender seemed less practical to make affordably. We then voted as a class on the top ten projects, and mine was selected. After school, I went to Racecar Research where they demonstrated how to cut foam and carbon fiber.

Wednesday, we continued working on circuitry with the Arduinos. We started out using a light sensor and going through the Arduino coding language. Since many of us had already learned about the basics of programming, we moved on to controlling a fans rotation through repeated measurement and adjustment. Then, before lunch, the summer stem program had an activity about picking jobs based on your values. After lunch, the top ten project ideas were presented again, and we picked our permanent groups. I was put in the LTA Drone project group with Steve, Anthony, and Marianne.

Thursday, we began working on our group projects. Our group decided to go with a soft shell balloon model, which we plan to make out of plastic and nylon, and fill it with a full atmosphere of helium. We bought this drone to take apart for motors and remote control parts.